The Weekend in Pictures

Friday night saw the Bookworm overflowing with people keen to see the Kids Slam poetry competition. 17 talented youngsters from Chengdu’s International Schools competed in three different age categories, and they were all so good that the judges, Jesse Brand and Luis Valadez, had a tough time picking any winners. After the slam Luis and Jesse, who was Australia’s National Slam poetry champion of 2013, both performed in their own very different styles.

Saturday saw another lively youth event with Australian author Alison Lloyd, who helped kids to re-enact an exciting episode from Chinese history. In the evening American journalist Adam Minter delved into the reality behind the rumours of China’s highly profitable recycling business, and British writer Bidisha shared her views on a range of human rights issues.

On Sunday afternoon a select group of aspiring writers gleaned some insights into their craft from best-selling Irish author Eoin McNamee, while in the evening Sci-Fi fans gathered to hear about the history of the genre from Mexican writer and artist BEF and Chinese sci-fi specialist Yao Haijun.


winner of Kids Slam


Sci Fi Takes on the World with BEF and Yao Haijun Writing Workshop with Eoin McNamee



Alison Lester and Anne Zhang Alison Lester event-001

Jesse on stage Luis Valadez Jesse Brand panda

Emy Booz performs in kids slam Volunteers and ticket table