Final Weekend of BLF 2014

This weekend sees BLF 2014 go out in style, with three days of comedy, music and performance, two intriguing book talks and a panel discussion.

Hybrid Identity

On Friday, we present a panel discussion that looks at how authors of dual or multiple identities are creating links across social, cultural and national boundaries. Benjamin Law, Dominique Wilson and Petra Hulova discuss story-telling from a transnational perspective.

Hybrid Identity, Hybrid Voices; 多元背景下的作者身份:创造跨文化的、跨国境的多元叙事视角 18:30 21st Mar / Exuberant English / Benjamin Law, Dominique Wilson, Petra Hulova

Rainbow Saturday!

On Saturday night, come and find out what Benjamin Law discovered while researching what it means to be gay in Asia for his book Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East. After the book talk, stay on for the Bookworm’s annual open mic night, which this year takes the form of a rainbow cabaret. Dress, or cross-dress, in your finest and celebrate Chengdu’s Rainbow Community! Open mic and cabaret acts featuring Beijing musician and writer Chun Sue and the talents of Chengdu’s finest. (free entry)

Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East; 本杰明•劳讲述亚洲男同的别样生活 19:30 22nd Mar / The Bookworm Chengdu / Benjamin Law
Rainbow Cabaret; 彩虹歌舞秀 21:00 22nd Mar / The Bookworm Chengdu / Chun Sue

Closing Night

Sunday 23rd March is the final day of BLF 2014. We close out another successful festival with two great events: a discussion with local writer Andrew Derham about the art of crime fiction, and a chance to hear Beijing poet, writer and musician Chun Sue talk about her searing 2002 tale of rock and roll and sexual awakening in Beijing

Dead Unlucky; 旅居成都的老美分享网络犯罪小说的出版经验 17:00 23rd Mar / The Bookworm Chengdu / Andrew Derham
Beijing Doll; 春树与《北京娃娃》 19:30 23rd Mar / The Bookworm Chengdu / Chun Sue

Chun Sue 2
Chun Sue