BLF 2015 Opening Week

BLF 2015 opening weekend: fact, fiction and the space in between

BLF 2015 got off to a roaring start on Friday night as Anna Chen led us through the life and crimes of movie star Anna May Wong, and uncovered the orientalist underbelly beneath the Hollywood glamour. Our first ever Family Literary Quiz was also a huge success, with the homeschool Shu team taking first prize, while audiences enjoyed talks on British communism by Paul Anderson, life at sea by Horatio Clare, and experimental fiction by Sheng Keyi. We showed Chen Zhong’s documentary Jaywalking in its first public screening in Chengdu, and brought the group of performance artists featured in the film back together for a revelatory discussion. To close out the weekend, Polish non-fiction writer Wojciech Tochman shared thoughts and images from his reportage on conflict and poverty.     

asian lives, global stories

This week we bring you a series of events that explore cultural identity and Asian transnationalism, with Singaporean American Wena Poon, Indonesian Chinese from Hong Kong Xu Xi, Chinese Canadian Madeleine Thien and Pulitzer-nominated Korean American writer Chang-Rae Lee.  Also this week, for those aspiring to learn the writing craft themselves, Xu Xi presents a creative writing workshop on writing Asian lives in prose.

the origins of sex

To round out the week, on Thursday we change switch region and subject, as Faramerz Dabhiowala explains the origins of modern sexual culture in the west.  

Family lit quiz Wochiech and Thomasz

Horatio Anna and Paul

 Opening Event